The End of A Beautiful, Exhausting & Life-Changing Era

The End of A Beautiful, Exhausting & Life-Changing Era
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen

Things are Changing.

As I leave on a life-changing trip around the world I wanted to share with you why things will be so incredibly different.

In late 2019 The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through economies worldwide.

For the first time since the beginning of the Pandemic, I have finally allowed myself to acknowledge the disproportionate brunt of the impact that Covid had on me. With chin-up and the acute knowledge that businesses everywhere were in turmoil, I did not want to seem like I deserved any special acknowledgement. But without acknowledging the pain, how can you possibly deal with it. I will not go into the detail of events because it would take too many pages to write about.

Even before the pandemic I  struggled under the weight of constant adaptation from my extreme hyperactivity. ADHD has always required extreme resilience as I find myself constantly taking the path of MOST resistance. But the "COVID YEARS" left me even more vulnerable and my cognitive decline over the past few years from stress and menopause has resulted in personal chaos.

But amidst this chaos, my customers were transforming my brand. With each stitch of your machine, each posted photo, each order and each word of encouragement, you have helped me find the determination I needed to overcome the compounding challenges.

I have persevered, even though at times only just.

In recent months, I have had 2 incredible companies express their faith in my brand and my creativity, and it has resulted in new and very exciting opportunities for Nerida Hansen Fabrics.

I am about to embark on a round-the-world trip that is hugely sponsored by others who believe in me. I will be starting a new era, and I am incredibly grateful, excited and happy.

I am forever grateful to the amazing artists I work with, some who have had to wait much longer to get paid than they should have, and had many emails unanswered as my inbox drowned to the thousands.

And I am deeply, deeply grateful to you,  my audience of sewers, creators and makers for loving my designs as much as I do. You are inspiring, incredibly creative, clever and living sustainable, joyful lives.  I cannot wait to continue this journey with you by my side and look forward to sharing news of my travels with you.

Much Love



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