Sustainability - The Story is Unfolding


As a textile manufacturer, it is very important to me to recognise the role I play in this industry, and so it is my mission to incorporate sustainable measures across 100% of my business. Sustainability in the fashion and textiles industry requires a significant reduction in the use of raw materials and manufacturing in the first place with the subsequent reduction in transportation, fossil-fuelled energy consumption and textile waste generating natural benefits. I ask myself, as a textile designer and manufacturer what right do I have in generating more unnecessary waste? The answer is clearly none. The reason I do continue, is because our planet and people deserve better, and we can never expect humankind not to dress, or need beautiful, solid long-lasting garments to accommodate temperature, movement, and style in a functional way. It is my view, that our world is better off having responsible manufacturers who are wholeheartedly connected to their supply chains. Instead of the mass-destruction of the earth through pesticides and over-irrigation, we need manufacturers who focus on replenishable and regenerative sources, local and on-demand manufacturing and encouraging local micro-economies to become the new shopping malls. Sewing is at the very heart of this. I have been very fortunate to resonate with sewers worldwide through the growth of Nerida Hansen Fabrics, and with 2 new supply chains that are eliminating the need for me to manufacture my own fabrics, I am focussing on developing my love of sewing pattern production. Sewing Patterns are the key to teaching the world about how fashion can be a positive force, and I see myself now as a Corporal in the army in the fight against fast fashion. I am willing to learn and earn my stripes, and hope to someday become a Sergeant, perhaps even one day Commander in this fight.

Please check back soon as this space updates. There is so much to the story x