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What you need to know

Nerida Hansen Fabrics & Sewing Patterns uses a drop-ship business model.

Please take the time to read the following to understand what drop-shipping means for customers placing orders on this website.

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What is Drop-Shipping?

Drop-Shipping means that we offer products for sale that we don’t have in stock.

We have agreements with other suppliers to provide the stock to fulfil the orders made by our customers . This is called ‘drop-shipping’.

What Should Customers Know before purchasing?

In line with ACCC Recommendations, it is important that you understand that we do not have the stock on the day of purchase.

There are many benefits to this model that we have outlined HERE

The downside to this model is when things don't go according to plan. As with all product businesses, there are many working parts and late deliveries can be outside of our control.

  • If a business can’t supply a product or service that a consumer has paid for, on time or within a reasonable time, then the business must provide a solution.
  • If a consumer doesn't receive a product or service they've paid for on time or within a reasonable time, there can be various reasons. It doesn’t necessarily mean the business has broken the law.
  • It's against the law for a business to take payment for products or services when they know they won’t be able to supply them.

In the event of

  • stock availability
  • where stock is coming from
  • the likely timing of delivery.

Keep in mind, we are continuing to offer very discounted pricing as compensation for longer waits, but it is very important to know that we don't have direct control over every part of the process.

When deciding who to buy from, consumers can ask a business whether it holds the stock itself or uses drop-shipping.

Customer Service Wait Times

Customer Service Wait Times

It is also very important for customers to understand that we are only a very small team.

The Popularity of our products means we may not be able to answer the phone or reply to your email when you expect. We reccommend you resend emails or try phoning again the following day.

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