Print, Make, Fulfill & Ship using Nerida Hansen's Supply Chain

Make your own website a Print-On-Demand Website with either no, or low-inventory stock that can be printed and shipped from the supplier ONLY when your customer orders it!

OR Place your own orders of fabric or product from my trusted supplier whenever you want.

This is a fantastic solution for anyone in the following categories:

  • Fabrics by the Meter
  • Home Textiles / Textile Accessories
  • Fashion Designers
  • Sewing Pattern Designers
  • Paper, Stationery, Paper Product Designers
If only...

The Dream Business

If anyone knows how tough creative business can be it is me.

I know how tough it is to make a start for new business, how tough it is for existing businesses and how bringing unwanted products into the world is significantly harming out planet.

Print or Manufacture on Demand gives me unlimited chance to make real profit from manufacturing only the products that are cherished and valued, not wasted and sent to landfill.

Nil inventory equals Nil Cash-Flow Stress.

All I want to do is design and connect with my customers and sell mindfully designed products.

I don't want to produce, ship or fulfil. No. More. Stress.

How I achieved the Dream Business Model.

I have spent 25 Years in the Textile Design, Fashion and Homewares Industry, and over the time needed everything from fabric printing, garment manufacturing, sewing pattern grading, sew-in labels, swing tags, packaging for product, packaging for eCommerce, and in recent years, Sewing Pattern Printing.

I have had ethical suppliers in place for some time, but the dream business model is so much more than the quality of the supplier.

The greatest challenge to reach my goals were to link my customer orders to my manufacturers own systems, then link the completion of the order with fulfillment that would write-back to my website.

With a growing international Audience it was increasingly important to find a postage solution that was going to provide reliability and affordable rates no matter where I shipped to in the world. One that could include my customers duties and taxes was even better!

Toward the end of 2023, I pieced together the puzzle, and found myself with a supply chain that offers everything I need to build my dream business.

Finally, I have found EVERYTHING I need.

The best part is, I did not have to design anything new, I simply pieced together the right combination of Ordering, Fulfilment and Postal Suppliers and linked them to my already-secure group of suppliers.

My Supply Chain Flow - How Your Website Becomes a Print or Manufacture-On-Demand Store

Here is a Top-Line Map of how your business can become a Print-On-Demand Store. The key to this is a central Cloud-Based Order System that is the "control center" for the whole supply chain. You simply install My API (Application Programming Interface) which is no different than installing a 3rd party Shipping App - it only takes a matter of minutes and you are connected.

You will receive all the instructions required, which should all make sense after the Industry Workshops, such as how to set up your product information, how to design your art files so they are compatible with the manufacturers specifications ,how to go about making your art files accessible to the vendor, and how to set your customer pricing.

Systems are set up for payment and vendor communication.

The API is set up with all the vendor information so you don't need to do a thing. Sampling will be mandatory for all products, at the expense of the designer.

The Power is in Community

As a community of designers using the same networks, we can enjoy volume pricing on everything, including the cheapest shipping rates available.

By using my network in Australia, smaller designers can also make use of my Band 5 Australia Post Rates, which make domestic shipping cheaper for them as well.

This can literally opens up the world to doing business for independent artists and designers. Together, we can also follow the same order flow, use the same fulfilment systems and rely on the same vendor onboarding and quality processes which just makes everything simpler.

I am not going to manage anyone else's relationship with the manufacturers, and even though I have done everything in my power to build a reliable, lovely group of reliable, ethical vendors, I will not be liable for any quality issues either.

As the user, the designer will still have full control of the vendor communication and relationship, but it is minimised with a smooth work flow that is proven by me as Customer #1.

So this supply chain is not mine, it is yours too. So lets call it a "Collective Supply Chain".

Access to this Collective Supply Chain includes:

Print-On-Demand Fabrics, Sewing Patterns, Paper products.

Printing on demand has been a goal of mine for both fabric and sewing patterns for a long time, and recently, I have been able to add Greeting Cards, Wrapping Paper, Notebooks, Prints and just about anything Paper and Textile Related to the options! I have amazing fashion opportunities as well, with experience garment manufacturers and fabric printers in Europe and USA.


My new partners specialise in packaging, and can provide everything you could need including postcards, boxes, bags or envelopes, from the most basic value pricing to gorgeous bespoke packaging.

Shipping Solutions

I have also worked day and night, weeks and months to find solutions to high freight and fulfilment costs and have now found amazing partners who can help me with the entire solution. Working within a system together as designers means we all get to access great shipping rates.

Managing fulfilment of Orders

Since Finding Print-On-Demand Services, the biggest challenge was how I get my orders to the printer and back to the customer. How do I make my own website a truly Print-On-Demand Site? If customers place orders, how can I make sure the order is fulfilled, tracked and the customer notified?

Write-back is the process where your shipping and fulfiment software triggers your own website to tell the customer that their order is "complete" and to provide shipping information. My system is set up to do exactly that.

Flexibility to add new Suppliers

My aim is to see a world where manufacturing is localised, and we once again barter or buy from our neighbours and friends. Where localised factories work ethically to sustain our people and planet.

Luckily, this system is flexible, and encouraging manufacturing by adding new vendors into this system is absolutely possible.

How To Access My Suppliers, Shipping Services & Freight Rates


I am the primary customer of my Print-On-Demand, Production and Fulfilment System.

From working with my vendors and my new Supply Chain partners, I have been able to reflect on all the challenges and figure out solutions so that you don't have to experience those same pain-points.

These experiences provide the building blocks of my clear onboarding instructions that will be available to any designer wanting to link their website with my suppliers.

With amazing partners who take care of everything, I can take care of our needs, the needs of the designer wanting to find better ways to express their artistic style and make money from their art.

Best of all, I only work with ethical manufacturers. But with other designers and companies on board, It will provide extra leverage for me to improve systems and sourcing .

Being completely sustainable is a journey, but with the power of community we can deliver beautiful, bespoke products for our customers.

Industry Knowledge

I can provide you with the suppliers and an easy way to link your customers orders to smooth supply chain with friendly freight prices. But it is your responsibility to be knowledgable about how to set up files, use colour, select the right stock or substrates for your products, and amongst other logistical pieces of the puzzle, you need to have a sound understanding a typical manufacturing flow.

Onboarding people with the right knowledge means my vendors will receive orders and can print the highest quality possible without disruption to the order flow. To ensure you are equipped with all you need to know I have designed Industry-Related Workshops to prepare you. These are not a registration to use my supply chain, rather, they are an opportunity for you to ensure you have everything required to make your business super successful, with the most limited investment required.

POD & Print-Ready Workshop

For anyone who wishes to use My Supply Chain, it is incredibly important that you have a good grounding in the manufacturing process and making sure your products and files are prepared correctly for the vendors to hit go.

This Workshop covers so much detail about the whole process from designing, manufacturing, websites, dealing with vendors, setting up an art database, even marketing and market opportunities. You are not paying a fee for this workshop to access my supply chain - You are paying to learn EVERYTHING I know about running a business in your product industry.

This workshop is so full of information that will be of use for you as a business, with, or without my help.

This information will help you understand what you need to know regarding print files and manufacturing which will help you with work as a licensed artists or freelance designer.

This course is for a general Audience. If you want to onboard my supply chain after this, there is a second session which you can book after you attend this course.

Limited Opportunity for 2024

I cannot onboard limitless designers or companies, so if you want the opportunity in 2024 to start your very own Print On Demand Business, then sign up for the POD & Print-Ready Workshop Now.

You can choose from 3 Workshops:

  1. Fabric by the Meter and Textile Products
  2. Stationery and Paper Products
  3. Sewing Pattern Print-On-Demand

Please note, if for any reason the product you are wanting to print-on-demand is not available to my supply chain, there is no refund for these workshops. You must trreat it as an investment into increasing your knowledge and understanding of the industry you want to work in.

Workshop Times

The workshops will be run in accordance to your time zone. Once you sign up for the workshop you will receive a PDF Welcome and in that is a link to a Survey with the available time zones.

Once I have established the needs of various time zones I will send invitations to suitable times.

Industry Insight Workshops

Sign Up Now - Workshop registrations Close March 6th and Numbers are limited

  • Sewing Pattern Designers

    Whether you are a seasoned Sewing Pattern seller or a start-up designer and you want to use my Print on Demand Sewing Pattern and Shipping Service it is important for you to undertake this workshop regardless of your experience.

    Participating will ensure there are no gaps when it comes to onboarding yoru business for Print-On-Demand.

    We cover all aspects of the integration of your sales and website to service a Print-On-Demand Model, and also cover important aspects of PDF Printing including protection of Copyright and what to look for in your PDF Download Service.

    Sign Up Here
  • Fabric by the Meter and Textile Related Products

    For designers wanting to sell Fabric by the Meter, Homewares, Fashion and Any Textile Products.

    Even if you are experienced in Manufacturing, you need to attend this workshop if you want to access my Print on Demand Fabric and Textile Product Supply chain, to ensure there are no gaps in your onboarding.

    Sign Up Here
  • Stationery, Greeting Cards, Wrap, Paper Prints or other Paper Products

    For designers wanting to sell any Paper Related Stationery, Greetings, Calendars or Prints on Demand.

    Even if you are experienced in Manufacturing, you need to attend this workshop if you want to access my Print on Demand Fabric and Textile Product Supply chain, to ensure there are no gaps in your onboarding.

    Sign Up Here


If you have questions, it is likely others do to. If you are not ready to sign up to a workshop but would like to register your interest and ask questions, please register on the Survey HERE .

If you have questions you would like answered prior to signing up for a workshop, please email me at

Thank you!

Other Fabric Manufacturers

One of the Pillars I stand by in relation to Sustainability is working towards increasing local manufacturing. It reduces the movement of raw materials and finished product which significantly impacts the effects of carbon emissions and over-production of inventory. By manufacturing or printing locally, we can also stimulate our Micro-Economies which are vital to a sustainable future and support communities supporting each other.

My supply chain is a concept that can scale, and within months we will be able to add ANY quality vendors to the supply chain.

Therefore, I encourage enquiry from other fabric printers, manufacturers or producers of any kind who would like to take part in and make use of a system that can link any artist website with your operations with a simple API and Google Sheet.

Contact me for further information.