My Sustainability Journey

My Sustainability Journey
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen

All my life I have had a deep connection to the Ocean and the green world around me. I grew up a sea-loving babe, and turned to surfing in my 20s. As I have grown older, our environment has become so much more delicate, and so this connection has now turned into an insatiable need to do something more. No longer am I just going to admire all the Green Advocates of the world, I am becoming one and am committed steadfastly to learning and raising awareness over the coming years.

The past 6 or 7 years have been a whirlwind for me, and I have not been shy about how challenging the Covid Years have been. From the very beginning, I have been extremely conscious of the demand cotton has on the world, and have strived to ensure I source mostly organic yarn and worked with well-certified factories. But through the Covid years my energy slowed as I raced just to survive business. But now I am starting to feel energised, and have been piecing together how my business fits in the world, and how I can contribute to making it a better place.

Sustainability is at the core of everything now. Environmentally, socially, morally. There is SO MUCH MORE to Sustainability than local production or organic fabric. 

My biggest learning is that SUSTAINABILITY IS A JOURNEY, NOT AN END RESULT. Very few companies have it right, but we all need to begin somewhere.

We need to be very transparent about our sustainability policies and practices and as business owners who's products potentially contribute to the degradation of our environment we carry a huge responsibility.

I am very behind in terms of identifying my practices, but I am catching up and so you will see a lot of new messages and exciting new products coming very soon.

Product Disclosure

Today I launched my Bamboo Cotton, which I didn't want to release until I could give people more insight to where and how it is produced. So here is a little statement about my Bamboo and where it is sourced:

This sustainable bamboo is grown in Henan Province of China. My suppliers are accredited with FSC which means the towering Bamboo Forests that my bamboo comes from is replenished. The wonderful thing about Bamboo is that is replenished very quickly, which is why it is such a sustainable product.

The normal downside to Bamboo is that its natural state is a Yellowish Colour. So even though most Bamboo is grown without Pesticides. Bamboo that is dyed or printed needs to be cleaned or semi-bleached to bring it to a white state and in this process uses Hydrogen Peroxide.

My factory is Oeko-Tex certified which means all processes, materials and products have been rigourously tested to be safe and great for the planet. You can find more information on Oeko-Tex Certification and what it means HERE

My factory has high level emission control for cleaning processes, and all yarn is stripped of any toxins using high pressure heat and steam, so it remains a very Eco-friendly and skin-friendly fabric.

My Sustainability Journey Going Forward

There is so much work to be done. But all the amazing Sewers out there are contributing already, by lessening the need for dangerous fast-fashion. So together we have the best platform to make real change, and I love my community for their approach to this matter. Educated, alive, proactive. Amazing.

Look out for my New Pages and Products and come along for the ride with me!

Love to all and our Planet!

Nerida xx

PS: These beautiful photos were taken by the delightful photographer Nikole Ramsay. Check out her work on her website HERE

Nerida will surfboard at Sunset
Nerida by the water

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