Fabric Pre-Sale Delivery Update


Unless otherwise stated, all Fabric Sales online are currently pre-sales, which means we do not produce anything until it is purchased. 

As Advertised with every promotion, production time is 6-8 weeks, but can push out to as long as 12 weeks.

Due to the overwhelming demand of these fabrics, we cannot produce them quickly so Please do not purchase sale items if you are time sensitive.


Current Deliveries:


We have just finished the of the post out to customers from our last delivery, and next orders are due in Australia on the 4th and 6th of June. Please note this does not take into account freight delays. 

All orders are allocated and we will be in

Designs are being printed in Australia on Midweight Cotton and Tencel Linen and will start shipping at the end of this week. I am currently sampling more Tencel Linen Designs so I can expedite more orders on Tencel Linen that will be held up by the Ramadan Holiday. 

New Orders: In most cases, if you have an existing order it will be combined with any new orders, so the wait on any new orders is much less. This does not apply to orders that are being printed and shipped this week (See Design List Below)


Priority Orders: Orders printing this week prioritise those placed in 2023, followed by 2024 orders after Ramadan.

Continuous Operations Orders will continuously roll out from the 15th of April onwards to catch up on lost time.

Shipping Efficiency Orders will be shipped directly from the supplier, reducing delivery time.


Your Order Status

The orders being prioritised this week are all placed in 2023. As soon as more specific information comes to hand I will update this page and send emails.

If the impact of the Ramadan Holiday is not acceptable to you and you would rather have a refund or a replacement  please let me know by emailing me nerida@neridahansen.com. 

Otherwise, thank you for entrusting me to deliver your beautiful products, I am so grateful for your ongoing patience and support, and we look forward to delivering your fabric soon.


Don't hesitate to email me at nerida@neridahansen.com. I totally understand that you may not want to wait any longer, and will honour refunds, or try to expedite your order if you relied on the fabrics arriving before a certain date.

You can also call me on +61 0417389355 after next Tuesday.


Design List