Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Locations:

  • We offer worldwide shipping.
  • Our Print on Demand fabrics and Most Sewing Patterns are sourced from Phoenix, Arizona (USA).
  • Wholesale Collections are printed and warehoused by Verhees in the Netherlands. Nerida imports regularly to provide easy access for wholesalers in Australia and New Zealand

Shipping Costs and Calculations

  • Shipping costs are calculated at checkout based on your location and the items in your order.
  • That means if you add products from Nerida's Studio in Australia with Print-On-Demand products from Phoenix, USA it is necessary for us to charge shipping from the separate shipping origins, which can impact the shipping cost for customers.

Here's how costs are determined:

Location Based Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs are determined based on the distance between the origin of the product and the destination (the customer's location). Shipping from Australia to an Australian customer is much less expensive than shipping from the USA to Australia due to shorter distances and lower shipping fees.

Different Shipping Providers:

Products sourced from different locations may be shipped using different carriers or shipping providers. These providers often have their own pricing structures and shipping rates based on the origin and destination, package size, weight, and shipping speed.

Customs and Import Fees:

When products cross international borders, such as from the USA to Australia, there may be additional customs and import fees. These fees can vary based on the country of origin and destination, and they can significantly impact the overall shipping cost. Fortunately, our new logistics provider from the USA includes all taxes for international shipping, so your parcels should clear without needing to pay extra duties to receive the parcel at your end.

Warehouse and Handling Costs: Depending on where the product is warehoused, there may be different warehousing and handling costs associated with each location. These costs can influence the overall shipping cost.

By calculating shipping costs separately for products originating from different locations, you ensure that customers are charged accurately based on the specific circumstances of each shipment. This approach helps maintain transparency in pricing and allows customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Combined Shipping for Your Convenience:

We understand that you may want to explore both our on-demand fabrics and our special products. To make your shopping experience seamless, we've introduced a combined shipping rate for orders that include items from both locations. That means you can mix and match to your heart's content without worrying about separate shipping charges.

How It Works:

When you add items from both locations to your cart, our system will automatically calculate the combined shipping rate for your order. This ensures you get the best value for your shipping costs, no matter where your Nerida Hansen treasures come from.

Free Shipping Offers:


  • Free Shipping offers will mostly be location based. We know Free Shipping is a bonus for our customers, and whilst we would love to make our offers available to all, they will usually be location based.This is due to the very varied costs as explained in the Location-Based Shipping Information.
  • Applicable free offers will be applied regardless of what you have in your cart 
  • If the free shipping offer relates to a specific product or collection you will still be charged shipping for other items outside of the offer.

Processing Time
We do not guarantee our processing times, and it is likely that Print on Demand fabrics may require 7-10 days processing time, even longer due to unforeseen circumstances or increased demand. We anticipate this will decrease as our new printing model evolves. Shipping times for other offers will be advertised with the offer. 

Shipping Time:
Shipping times vary depending on your location:
Within Australia: 5-7 business days.
International: 7-14 business days.
Wholesale Collections for Australia and New Zealand are approximately 3 Weeks

Tracking information will be provided for your order once it's shipped.
Note that some international shipments may have limited tracking options.

Lost or Damaged Items:
In the rare event of lost or damaged items during shipping, please contact our customer support within [X] days of receiving your order.

Returns and Exchanges:

For information on returns and exchanges, please refer to our Returns Policy HERE

Please be aware that shipping times may be affected by unforeseen circumstances, such as holidays or global events. We will do our best to keep you informed of any delays.

Contact Us:
If you have any questions or concerns about shipping, please feel free to contact our customer support team at