Sewing: Our Cuff Sleeve Top Gets the Chop

Clever sewist and blogger, Annie Stafford (@ford_wardrobe) from New Zealand, jumped at the chance to play around with the Nerida Hansen Fabrics Cuff Sleeve Top sewing pattern and give it her own flavour. The end result is a cute crop tee made using Nerida Hansen Extra Large Gingham and just in time for those warm summery days!

The hacks that Annie made to the pattern are as follows:
  • Neckline facing. Annie made a separate neckline facing as she wanted the centre front green stripe to continue from the front to the back. She did this by making the facing 10.5cm wide, as it would then drop below the front neckline. 


  • Box pleat. Annie loved the overall shape of the top, but added a centre back pleat to hide and then reveal that beautiful green stripe. It worked out really well as it accentuates the overall shape of the top, making it perfect for summer. 

  • Shortened. In summer, high waisted shorts are Annie's thing! So, she wanted to wear this top all summer long, therefore shortened the length making the hem 11cm below the waist notch.

  • Straight hem. Annie decided that with the shortened length, a straight hem would worked better, this also complements the boxed shape of the top and the fabric pattern. 
  • Pattern matching. Annie is a big believer in pattern matching. Working with Nerida Hansen Fabrics she wanted to make sure that all the side seams matched up, and used the side seam notches as guidelines and then mirrored it for the back/ front pieces. 


There you have it, one Cuff Sleeve Top with a twist. Create your own with your choice of fabrics from