Sewing: Hot Off Ambrosia's Sewing Machine

After last time, it was near impossible to resist asking Ambrosia Kramer @ambrosiakramer to sew for us again. Therefore, we didn't, we asked and she said yes.

This time it was a more challenging request, because due to the ongoing shipping delays, we only had two metres of a particular design to offer. But that did not stop this sewing goddess from tapping into her clever creative genes and turning our Cuff Sleeve Top into a spunky mini dress.

Here are Ambrosia's tips.

I was gifted two metres and I knew I wanted to make a boxy dress but that it would be a short one. I used scrap linen for the pockets, neckline finishing, and hem (I did a bias facing hem because I didn’t want to lose any length).

I used the size 14 pattern and measured nine inches from the bottom and cut it off level so it met my natural waist. I squared off the remaining fabric and cut it into two equal full width (45”) rectangles and added my favourite inseam pockets.

The entire thing has French seams, which has been my choice finishing lately.

Such an easy hack, which resulted in my favourite flowy silhouette. It does not pass the 'touch your toes modesty test' but this was quickly remedied with some bike shorts underneath. Boom, free to be!

Thank you @ambrosiakramer. You worked wonders with limited fabric.