Sewing: A Tick For Mental Wellbeing

Life is hectic for most of us! And the digital world makes it difficult to switch off and slow down. Sewing has been recognised as not only fuelling creativity but offering that chance to tune out and in return improve mental wellbeing.

Sewing celebrates individual expression which is self-satisfying and rewarding. It also allows for you to be completely present in the moment and become a time to practice mindfulness, embrace solitude and self-reflection.

"There is no better time than now to teach yourself to sew, finish that project that you can never steal moments to complete or share your love of sewing with your children," says Nerida Hansen, creative director of Nerida Hansen Fabrics.

"Sewing feeds the soul. It is really good for you!"

The meditative action of sewing encourages relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. Engaging in an activity like sewing helps you focus and pay attention to your thoughts. It gives your mind a break and helps switch off negative thoughts.

In these uncertain times, most of us are not only experiencing lockdown but also slowing down.

Sewing also plays a role in body positivity, as people are empowered to make clothes for their own body rather than fitting into garments with a limited size range.

There is a sense of achievement at the end of making something with your own hands and seeing the final result. Whether it is a gift or for yourself, the completion of a task releases good feelings, gives you a boost and increases self-esteem.

"Sewing gives your mind a break and helps switch off any negative thoughts. If you are feeling overwhelmed with what is happening in the world give sewing a go to relax," says Nerida.

Another plus for sewing is being part of a wider community of sewers and makers. There are local community centres with weekly sewing events and a variety of online forums and sewing communities to tap into. Loneliness has huge implications on our health – for now join an online sewing group.

Words by Jacqui Taylor