Quilting Phenomenon: The Fabric Of Everyday

Quilts are in! They are having their moment in the spotlight and it is big.

They are a step back in time. Nostalgic even! Maybe you remember a family member patiently working on these patchwork bedspreads night after night, awaiting the final reveal.

They are time intensive and hand-worked. The end result is a piece of art that marries functionality and aesthetic appeal.

There is nothing like that feeling when you tuck yourself into bed and throw an extra layer of quilt over the top for warmth and comfort. It is completely soothing.

The stitching together of layers of padding and fabric, dates back as far as 3400BCE, but the oldest surviving example of a quilted piece is a linen carpet found in a Mongolian cave dated between 100BCE and 200CE.

The current wave of modern quilters are exploring techniques and patterns to include curves, textures and clashing colours. There’s no stopping what is next.

If you are keen to get started with quilting join a quilting community either online or attend a group. There you will pick up invaluable tips from quilters who’ve been at it for years.

Nerida Hansen Fabrics is selling bundles of pre-cut fresh and funky fabrics in colour, tone and pattern themes ready for these passionate crafters to whip into bedspreads.

Quilter, Brittany Lloyd, recently completed a quilt using Nerida Hansen Fabrics. She chose the collection from French surface designer and illustrator, Jennifer Bouron. “These designs were so fun and playful and I couldn’t help but get lost in the little scenes that she portrays in her work,” says Brittany.

Ta da…the finished product and it is stunning!

Words by Jacqui Taylor
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