Meet Becki Clark: Four Seasons in One Studio

Meet Becki Clark: Four Seasons in One Studio
Jacqui Taylor

Colourful florals and the wonder of seasons are all significant sources of inspiration for UK multidisciplinary creative designer, Becki Clark. From prop making to art direction to being an author, Becki has a bouquet of talent and not afraid to share her skills.

Her latest move is a sweet collaboration with Nerida Hansen Fabrics and her romantic designs dance on textiles. Read on to learn more about Becki and what motivates her with her work.
Lets begin with your career as a multidisciplinary creative designer. Please explain what this entails to our readers?
I work on a variety of creative projects from illustration, surface design, prop making and writing craft books, all of which are inspired by my love of nature and seasonality. I also run seasonal workshops teaching hand lettering and painting.

Talk me through your creative processes.
It always starts with finding inspiration so I might go for a walk or run and find colours, textures of particular formations of shapes to be inspired by. It could be as simple as a colour combination of a blooming flower. I keep a nature journal which helps me note down all of the inspiration and is a constant source for when I begin a new project.

What are some initiatives you have taken to be more sustainable and ethically conscious with your work?
Flowers are a huge inspiration for my paintings and surface design, I love to have them in my studio so I source from local flower farms who grow them in a sustainable way with no chemicals or plastic. I also only use recycled paper and card for any marketing materials that leave the studio.

What work are you most proud of (to date)?
There’s lots of my personal work that I’m really proud of, some days I just paint in the studio with no expectation and love those pieces. I’m also really proud of my two books, Modern Brush Lettering and Paint, Make, Create as well as my workshop kits, I love getting to share my creativity with others.

Becki, the world looks a little different at the moment. How has a global pandemic affected you and your work?
It’s been a strange time however my creative work really has been the thing that has got me through and kept me feeling inspired and joyful. Luckily lots of my illustration and surface design work was able to continue through the pandemic. I also wrote a book called Paint, Make, Create which is a varied craft book woven together with painting – that kept me busy! And of course, I missed teaching in person workshops but luckily people were willing to learn online and I was able to continue teaching throughout.
How did you meet Nerida Hansen? Were you familiar with Nerida Hansen Fabrics?
Yes, I’d actually used some of the mock ups from Nerida on Creative market to mock up my own surface designs and then found the fabrics.

Tell me about your latest collection for Nerida Hansen Fabrics. What is it called? What were your inspirations for this body of work?
The collection is inspired by summer and nature and in some cases in a more abstract way. I designed these patterns a few years ago now, inspired by the warm summer days, the structure of flowers and foliage at this time, wild daisy fields and lemon trees.

Walk me through a typical day for Becki Clark.
I’m an early bird so up usually around 5.00-6.00am, head out for a walk or run and enjoy the peace and quiet in the nature reserve by where I live, then head back to the studio for a day of creating. This can vary completely from prop making to a brief, painting patterns, illustrating for magazines, making and shooting craft projects or packing workshop kits. I usually listen to podcasts in the studio and I have my sausage dog, Reggie to keep me company.

Cute name, Reggie. Now, who has inspired you the most to date and why? Whose careers do you follow and find inspiring?
I love a lot of old design so I’m totally obsessed with Liberty, Sanderson and William Morris. I love how their print designs are timeless and continue to appear throughout homes, fashion and interiors. My mum is also extremely creative and brilliant artist, her constant drawing, making and crafting when I was growing up inspired me to want to do the same.
Do you have a dream collaboration or project?
Yes, lots and lots! I have a vision board with who I want to work with and what I want to create! I’d love to work on a homeware collection as well as more installation work using my illustration and prop making skills.

What is on the horizon for the remainder of 2021?
I’ve been working on two big collaboration projects which are both out in September and then I will be launching new workshop kits, painting new designs, working on prop making for Christmas campaigns and crafting away ready for autumn and winter seasonal celebrations.

Describe your design style in three words.
Floral, playful, seasonal

What advice would you offer to those that are starting out as an artist/designer?
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, everyone is on their own journeys and it’s important to focus on your own style, work and designs rather than spend time worrying about anyone else. Be inspired by others and turn comparison into inspiration.

Visit to shop Becki’s fabric collection.

Words by Jacqui Taylor

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