Sewing: Add an Asymmetric Bodice to Summer Dress

Sometimes I'm inspired by a pattern and sometimes it’s by a fabric. This time, it was the fabric! This Lillian Farag print reminded me of an asymmetric Gorman dress from a few seasons ago so I decided to recreate it. I used the Nerida Hansen Summer Dress pattern and hacked it to create an asymmetric bodice. It was such an easy hack I thought I’d share it here so you can recreate it yourself.

Bodice - After sewing the bodice together, mark a line 9cm up from the bottom edge on the left side. Draw a line from the mark to the opposite corner and cut along the line to create the asymmetric bodice.

Skirt - Omit one pocket and sew up the side seams so your skirt only has one in seam pocket. On the side without the pocket measure down 9cm and mark. Draw a line from the mark up to the opposite top corner of the skirt. Cut along the line to create the asymmetric skirt. Gather the top edge of the skirt and attach it to the bodice. The shorter side of the skirt will match up with the longer side of the bodice. Then complete the dress as normal, following the patterns instructions.

After completing this hack, I felt I could have lengthened the top pattern pieces to create a more dramatic asymmetric look however for a first go I think the result is still super cool.

Hope you like this hack and if you give it a try don’t forget to tag me @_diydaisy and @neridahansenfabrics so we can see your results!