Slow Fashion: Do It For The Planet

Slow Fashion: Do It For The Planet
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen
If you follow fashion, chances are you have heard about the slow fashion movement. For the last few years there has been a big shift in the clothing industry and it is something that Nerida Hansen, owner and operator of Nerida Hansen Fabrics, strongly believes in.

“We are in full support of the slow fashion movement,” says Nerida. “We are conscious of reducing our waste, which is why we are introducing made-to-order in the new year.”

Customers will be able to purchase their fabric, select a pattern and have their garment/garments sewn for them.

More designers and brands are moving away from mass-produced, disposable wear and embracing a sustainable, long-lasting approach to garments. Consumers are driving this move because of their desire to reduce waste, buy better quality clothing, as well as being more curious about where their clothes were made and under what conditions.

“Our plan is to do everything as lean as we can and do it for the planet,” she says.

Some of the characteristics of slow fashion are already in place at
Nerida Hansen Fabrics such as high-end materials, locally sourced designers, organic fabrics and ethically printed.

Nerida Hansen Fabrics pulsates unique designs that are bursting with quirky prints, vibrant colours and subtle pastels and printed onto superior fabric.

On the flip side fast fashion is a term that has been coined by companies to describe their product that imitates trends seen on the runways. The War on Waste documentary calculated that 6,000 kilograms of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes. Boycotting fast fashion has been argued as a means of turning this epidemic on its head.

Slow fashion encourages a slower pace with the production process, fair wages, ideally zero waste, reduced carbon footprint and cleaner environment. It follows similar principles of the slow food movement.

“Fashion on demand is the way forward and the way to reduce excess!” says Nerida.


Author - Jacqui Taylor

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