Sewing: Wearable Art With Fabrics

Sewing: Wearable Art With Fabrics
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen

Wearable art is a thing! In fact, it is a big thing.

Australian fashion designer, Jenny Kee, attributed to the trend back in the eighties with her kaleidoscope knits.

There is even an annual show called, World of WearableArt (WOW). This event kicked off in 1987 in New Zealand and each year pushes the boundaries of creativity with jawdropping garments. It is off the chart!

But wearable art stretches further back in history. Surrealist, Salvador Dali painted a giant red lobster on one of Elsa Schiaparelli's creations in 1937. Another early fashion and art crossover stemmed from the bold geometry of Dutch painter, Piet Mondrian making a grand appearance in Yves St Laurent's 1965 collection.

With the growing number of artists exploring textile design, Nerida Hansen Fabrics has continued to be ahead of the game and open its doors to these artists. As a result we have created our own version of wearable art on our fabrics and our original collections are creating a stir amongst the sewing community.

Some of the artists who’ve dipped their toes into showcasing their art on our textiles includes Melanie Macilwain, Greta Laundy, Michael Black, Ellen McKenna, Rebecca Silus, Margaret Jeane, Lillian Farag, Lisa Congdon and Holly Sanders to name only a few.

Before being transformed into fabrics, the designs from these artists were works of art on canvases and paper. It is not easy for some artists to see or visualise their creations as a garment of clothing or cushion, but plenty are embracing this movement.

"Personally, I love seeing my work on fabrics and all types of objects," says artist, Michael Black. "I love the idea of art not just being used on a canvas but translating onto anything and anywhere to give others an experience of it."
If you are curious and keen to wear a piece of art, then peruse our ever-growing collections at

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