Sewing: Everyday Unisex Shirt Shown Two Ways

Sewing enthusiast, Shelley Gibb (otherwise known as @m_o_l_l_y_m_o_l_l_y), has waved her sewing wand on the Everyday Unisex Shirt sewing pattern and created it two ways.

With one version, Shelley has made a straight shirt with no modification for her partner and for the other she graded the pattern down one size with minor changes to turn it into a dress. Both makes have been matched with Georgie Daphne's Poppie Season in olive on lightweight linen cotton. A stunning combination!

Shelley made a few simple modifications such as a flare at the hip, a centre pleat and a waist tie to finish it off.

Shelley's notes include:

Add 2cm to the centre fold on the back to make a pleat. This gave additional room and can be varied depending on waist to hip ratio.

Measured 4cm out from the bottom edge of the hems, then flared the sides according to this measurement. This allowed the dress to fit around her hips comfortably.

She also lengthened the pieces to her preference, added side splits to allow for walking, seam pockets and a 4cm wide belt that was interfaced for structure.

Basted collar stand in place for neat stitching later.

Ta-da! A spunky duo in matching attire ready for a summer of fun.

Well done, Shelley. They both look great!

If you'd like to give either version a try, the Everyday Unisex Shirt sewing pattern is available