Sewing: Tried and Tested Organic Jersey

Sewing: Tried and Tested Organic Jersey
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen

The new Organic Cotton Single Jersey range has hit our online shelves and caused quite a stir amongst our sewing community. Everyone is hot to sample the knit, but firing a lot of questions our way first. To answer your queries, we ran a few of them by Sarah Zito from Moeder Fox, who recently whipped up a number of garments from the jersey and put the fabric to the test.

Sarah, thanks for testing our new Organic Cotton Single Jersey. Firstly, did you find it easy-to-sew?
Yes! I found the organic jersey very easy-to sew.
What needle did you use for the jersey fabric?
My overlocker and coverstitch machines both require a certain type of needle – JLx2 and 103/705H (I use jersey ones), respectively. For knits and jerseys, I find either a 70/10 or 80/12 size works best. For my sewing machine I use a ballpoint needle with knits and jersey, size 70/10. If you have not sewn with jersey before, I suggest grabbing a couple of different types of these needles (good brands if possible) and do some tests sewing before starting your project. And remember to check your manual to see if your machine requires a certain needle type.

Did you wash the jersey prior to sewing?
YES!! I always wash my fabric before sewing. I also wash it prior to cutting – one tip for jersey is I like to lay it flat out on a clothing rack to dry instead of hanging a large length on a washing line, as the weight on the wet material in a large quantity can stretch! I’m usually working in large lengths, but even for one or two metres I would try to dry it flat, if possible.

What type of thread did you use?
I use a gutterman polyester thread. Always use good quality thread if you can.

Did you use an overlocker to finish off? Is an overlocker necessary for jersey?
I use my overlocker for all seams on jersey and finish the hemming on a coverstitch machine. Not everyone will have an overlocker and/or coverstitch machine, so you absolutely can use a sewing machine, especially for the hemming – just make sure you are using a stitch that will allow the material to stretch, such as a zig zag stitch.

Would you recommend the organic jersey?
Yes, it’s very easy to work with and also very soft and comfy.

Any other hot tips for working with jersey?
Firstly, don’t be scared!! Once you’ve done a couple of projects you will find it’s SO quick and easy-to-sew. Some other tips are I also use a rotary cutter to cut – it makes the cutting process very quick and easy. And YouTube and Google are your friend! You can find tutorials of almost anything online, so if there is a step you aren’t quite sure about – just look it up!!

How long have you been sewing? Who inspired you to start sewing?
I have dabbled in sewing for a long time, but started really getting into it about four or five years ago. It was actually my kids who inspired me to start sewing. I wanted to start making clothes for them that were really fun, colourful and made by me – I was sick of relying on fast fashion and the extremely gendered clothes on offer, so I made my own instead!

What is your favourite item to sew?
Definitely a t-shirt! So quick and easy (especially after you’ve made as many as I have!), and it’s something anyone can wear everyday.

There you have it people, Nerida Hansen's Organic Cotton Single Jersey is one to add to your stash and not be afraid of. Thanks again to Sarah for her review and honest feedback regarding our fabric.

If you are not familiar, Sarah launched Moeder Fox, back in 2017 (around the same time as Nerida launched Nerida Hansen Fabrics) after discovering she has a passion for creating bold and colourful baby and toddler clothes that stand out in a crowd and sing ‘I’m having fun!’. Explore what Sarah has to offer at

The Organic Cotton Single Jersey is available in designs from Jessica Nielsen and Anne Bomio and found online at

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