Sewing: DIY Dog Scrunchie Bandana Scarf From Remnants

What to do with those odd scraps of fabrics and remnants from your last sewing project? The pile is growing and it is time to address it. Our guest ambassador, Heather Jameson (aka @_heathermade), recently whipped up a dog scrunchie bandana from her leftovers for her cute pooch, Wren.

Following along with these steps from Heather.

  1. Measure around pooch's neck - our little girl measured 30cm

  2. Take this measurement and mark it out on some pattern paper. Find the centre point and measure upwards 20cm. At the 20cm point, make a triangle to join your pet’s neck measurement. This triangle will be the main part of your bandana. Cut out this triangle.
  3. Place your desired fabric selvedges together on your work surface and place your triangle five centimetres from the fold. Measure the band width of two inches across the bottom of your triangle and extend the long side right across to the selvedge. This will give a great amount of scrunchiness for a smaller pooch like mine, but you may need to add an extension depending on the girth of your doggie’s neck!
  4. Take some 2cm width elastic and cut at half the measurement of your pet’s neck. Pin and sew to one piece of your bandana, right where the band starts. Secure a safety pin to the end that has not been sewn. Yes, you will be sewing this safety pin into the band, for now.
  5. Leaving both ends of the band open, pin and sew around the top, bottom and triangle of your bandana. Trim corners and turn the right way out, making sure to poke the corners out sharp.

  6. Find the safety pin in the end of your elastic and work it through the long arm of the band until it comes out the end. Pin in place and secure by sewing the end, sandwiching the elastic between your fabric. Trim the end well and finish the edge (I chose a zigzag stitch). Turn this edge over by 1cm and stitch in place.

  1. Fold the other end of the band in upon itself by 1cm. Pin and edge stitch in place.
    Add fasteners to the ends of your band - I used snaps, however velcro would be a great option here.

    There you have it - a little pizzazz for your pooch. Heather made her bandana from Katie Kortman's Party Flock. If you decide to give it a go, remember to sew and show and tag @neridahansenfabrics.