Meet Romy-Krystal Cutler: Me Time With Basement Sewing

Meet Romy-Krystal Cutler: Me Time With Basement Sewing
Nerida Hansen
Nerida Hansen

Guess what? Sewing and sharing may result in a sweet job that celebrates your loves. Well, that’s what has happened to Romy-Krystal Cutler the latest team member to join Nerida Hansen Fabrics after one of our eagle-eyed staff members spotted her on Instagram.

Romy is an uber keen and talented sewist, who is well known amongst the maker communities. She is a fan of colourful prints, has a positive can-do attitude, mum to two beauties and her infectious smile will engage you from the start. She fits right in!

Read on to learn more about our new Nerida Hansen Fabrics X Spoonflower representative. 

Hello Romy, welcome on board the Nerida Hansen Fabrics family and thanks for taking the time to chat. Let’s start with you. Tell me about yourself, where did you grow up, where do you live now and how do you spend your days?
I was born and raised in Sydney, NSW but relocated to Utah, USA three years ago for my husband’s studies/work. I spend my days with my two little humans, Northern who’s five years old and Aurora who is three. Activities range from fun and games to schoolwork, but either way it’s always a party over here. I have the opportunity to be a full-time mum and during the years I’ve been home I started sewing to keep my mind somewhat fresh. You can only do so many kid shows before you start talking like a cast member from Play School! Prior to having kids I was a Data Analyst in online marketing. 

How old were you when you started sewing? Did someone inspire you to sew?
I started sewing in 2015 in my late 20s. I was not inspired by someone in particular to start sewing; I just started sewing because the current fashion trends just weren’t what I wanted to wear and after having a good whinge to my husband about it, he just looked at me and said, “Don’t you know how to sew?”. He was referring to the one home tech class I took in year nine where I made a small rectangle bag in denim with a cat appliqué. I could sew straight lines and that was about it. I finally took the plunge after reading Gertie’s blog. So I guess you could say I was loosely inspired by Gertie to go for it!

What is your favourite sewing story?
This has to be finally making it to the New York Garment district this year. I had grown up watching Project Runway before I could even sew, so my dream was always to go to New York and visit Mood Fabrics and browse fabric store after fabric store. I never thought 10 years later I’d finally be getting the chance. My husband and I bought so much fabric and carried it around New York in 40 degree humid heat. It was wild and fun and will live as a memory for years to come!

What do you like about sewing?
I love how it keeps my mind busy, while also being a relaxing activity for me. Being a mum, in a pandemic, away from your home, means that I need some me-time and sewing does that for me. Not to mention, I get to combine fabrics and patterns together and have an item of clothing at the end that is totally personalised to me! Oh, and let’s not forget the friends I’ve made in this community; that actually might be my favourite part!
What has been your favourite sewing project?
My favourite sewing project to date would be my patchwork quilted jackets. I love using my remnants and playing with the scraps to create something totally unique. I also never imagined I’d be able to quilt on my own. To combine all this together and then make them reversible have been some of my favourite sewing projects. They’re time consuming, but so worth it!

What has been one of your biggest sewing blunders?
There have been many and they’ve been pretty big. I take them all in stride (proof I’m learning), but the one that is etched into my memory was a McCall’s dress pattern I made three times! When I say made, I mean I unpicked it completely twice because I couldn’t bear losing that fabric. It was actually an Isa Form fabric from Nerida. I ended up getting really creative to save the dress, but boy was it a hot mess and a lot of tears. It was a wrap dress that didn’t even cover the bust! Nightmare! Was it worth unpicking twice? Totally. I now recommend doing a toile with new patterns because you never really know if it will work for you.

If you could sew a garment for anyone, who would it be and what?
You’d probably think it would be someone famous but it would actually be my Abuela (grandmother). Growing up and till this day, she would knit me the most incredible garments. I still have my knitted bloomers from when I was a baby! I never understood the time and effort that she would put into each make because she never said a word. Now I want nothing more than to sew her a capsule collection with all her favourite colours, but most of all I’d love to make her a coat out of a beautiful wool in a gorgeous baby blue! One day when I get back home, I hope to do that.

Some of the designs that are shown in these images are available via the Nerida Hansen Fabrics' store on Spoonflower. Follow along with Romy's sewing journey at @sewlike.

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