Sewing: From a Top to a Fun and Frilly Dress

Our blog contributor DIY Daisy takes us through her latest hack on our Loosen Up Top Sewing Pattern, using our Nerida Hansen Gingham.

Sometimes you come across a pattern that sparks your creativity and the Loosen Up Top did just that for me. It was practically begging to be hacked and I was happy to put my DIY spin on it.

The Loosen Up Top was a super easy sew and with the addition of sleeve ruffles and a gathered mini skirt, it took about three hours to complete. I used just over 2.5m of Nerida Hansen bright plaid fun yellow lightweight linen and cut a size 10.

Here's what I did:

  1. Complete steps 1 - 7 from the sewing pattern instructions.
  2. Cut 2 rectangles 16cm high and the width of your fabric which was 137cm. These will be the sleeve ruffles.
  3. Sew a 1cm double folded hem on the sides and bottom edge of the ruffles. Gather the top edge, leaving a tail of thread so that you can spread the gathers if required.
  4. On the shoulder, mark 4cm in from each side. The gathers are going to fit in between these marks.
  5. With right sides together, place the gathered ruffle in between the marks and spread evenly.
  6. Stitch the gathers to the sleeve and press.
  7. Lay the sleeve on top of the gathers and pin. Sew up the shoulder seams.
  8. Complete steps 9 and 10.
  9. Cut 2 skirt rectangles, 1.5x the width of the top front pattern piece and desired length. With right sides together, sew up the side seams. Gather the top edge, pin to the top and sew to attach.
  10. Finish by hemming any raw edges, snipping loose threads and giving it a good press.