Sewing: Jazz Up Your Pins With Daisy's Help

Woah, woah, woah! This was my first ever experience sewing leggings and I have to say, I am converted. No more knit fabric fears for me.

I’d been putting off sewing leggings since I started my sewing journey because I was afraid I wouldn’t get the results I’d like. I finally gave it a try and the results speak for themself!  In less than an hour, my trusty overlocker and I completed this comfy set made up in colourful print from the new Lisa Congdon fabric range.The leggings pattern consists of only one pattern piece which means fewer seams to mess around with. There was lots of pinning to make sure my seams were nice and matched up too!The technique used to sew in the waistband was totally new to me and I love that it’s all attached, less fiddling with waistband casings. After a whizz through the overlocker to stitch the elastic and raw edge together, all I had to do was fold it over and zig zag stitch it down.
The trickiest part for me was finishing the raw edges on the bottom of the leggings. My machine foot didn’t want to walk so I had to help it through, but I got there in the end. I'm definitely going to start learning more about needles and gadgets that make sewing knits easier.
I love the results and I am keen to use this pattern to make a pair of bike shorts and maybe even a pair of flared pants!