Outstanding Pre-Order FAQ's

Pre-Orders 2023 - FAQ's

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to the Survey, your support with this has been incredible.

Outstanding Order Survey FAQ's


When is the Bamboo Jersey Arriving?

We are receiving it in our hands on the 17th. All orders will be cut in sequence and we will ship, ship, ship. Many of you will be enjoying this luscious fabric by the end of next week.

When will my patterns be shipped?

If you purchased patterns on sale that were stand-alone orders should have been shipped not long after they were made. If you purchased them with fabrics on the same invoice they will be shipped when your fabrics get here.

Was My Order a Pre-Order?

After I announced I was changing my business model, All Orders from July onwards were advertised as Pre-Orders, with a few exceptions for Stock on Hand

8 Meter Mystery Packs

We ran out of the new samples for the Mystery packs, which were designed to give you a taste of all new, so we are pausing until next week. But anyone who is still waiting, expect within 2 weeks

Can I get my order in time for Christmas Holidays when it is a good time to sew?

We will try our best but this is only possible for the shipment we have coming now and only if Aus Post timing is okay, dependent on your location

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can, but we have to process them in order as the stock has been paid for and many of the costs of freight are being paid now - with no margin in the sale I have to find your refund from other means. But will 100% oblige as soon as I can

It was very unfair of you to block me from social media - Why did you do that when I was just wanting information?

Constant comments on social media created an enormous wave of email responses and we crashed from the overwhelm, much of it very unnecessary. It cost me thousands of dollars in losses and refunds that were in many cases, unfounded. I also started to feel very upset, and it made a very tough situation very, very difficult.  I wrote various open messages providing my personal email and phone number for people to contact me and gave warnings as well. When I started to feel very bullied or upset I blocked people. I am sorry you missed those messages where I reached out. 

How does the Stock on Hand option work and When is stock on hand ready to look at if that is my choice?

For people who have a problem with their order that we cannot fix we can open up a special web page with stock that we have available for you to choose from. I will wait until we have a lot more for you to choose from next week - so if that is your preference on the survey we will contact you then, OR if we are going to post your order and find there is a problem we are not aware of we will contact you.


From today, we ask that you ensure you have filled in our Survey HERE
With so much fabric needing to be cut, packed and shipped we would like to reduce our time spent in the inbox. So the survey will gather your information and questions in a way that can be focussed on what your needs are.

The Learning Curve

This experience is a work in progress, and I must admit I wish there was a rulebook to tell me how to best handle this process. I am taking on as much feedback as possible and trying to expedite your orders at the same time. I really appreciate your understanding.


3 Options are Now Available: 
Alternative Options
  1. Purchase from Stock On Hand Today we are launching a range of fabrics that cannot be seen by the general public on our main website www.neridahansen.com.au - this will be updated daily and weekly until all orders are completed. For those who's orders have exceeded expected delivery by an unreasonable amount of time you will be invited to can view these fabrics and request a cancellation of your current order for a immediate delivery of available stock. 
  2. Wait for your Order We will keep updating the schedule at https://neridahansen.com.au/pages/outstanding-order-update. We obviously appreciate this option as it gives us breathing space to cut, pack and ship.
  3. Refund as per the Refund Principles Outlined below


For those who no longer want to wait for their order,  I am going to honor all requested refunds according to these principles:
I have to prioritise refunds in the sequence that orders were placed ie: if you ordered in July or August, your refund request will be prioritised before orders placed in September or October. 
My advertising for pre-orders has always been clear about delays beyond our control, of which in this case there have been many so I will prioritise refund requests only where delivery timeframes are unreasonably over expected due dates (I have always advertised that I do not credit or refund until 6-8 weeks has passed expected delivery dates)
I cannot prioritise demands or refunds for customers who forgot or did not understand they were pre-ordering. Information about expected dates, possibility of delays and pre-order terms and conditions can still be found on a range of emails and social media posts. If customers did not read these, or forgot I ask that you do not expect a refund until such time that expected delivery date is well-exceeded.

Pre-Order Survey

In order to help us manage your order best, rather than sending an email I ask that all customers fill in the Survey HERE. It will help us fully understand your requirements and enable us to be free from our inboxes to cut, ship and pack.

Order Status:

8 Meter Mystery Packs have started shipping : These started shipping yesterday. It will take another 7-10 business days to fulfil all orders and will be done in sequence of when customers ordered. 

Skinny laMinx, Ellen McKenna, Red and Green or Peonie Ginghams, Summer Spot Green, Tara Reed Fresh Flowers - These are all being shipped currently

Bamboo Jersey - All designs - This will be arriving at our studio next week. We will prioritise these deliveries which will take 3-4 days for us to cut and ship.

Jennifer Bouron, Tara Reed, Nerida Hansen 

Including the following designs:

Jennifer Bouron: Jolie Fleurs, Palm Tree Pink and Cream, Abstracto Light Blush, Girls with Cats Blue and Blush, Minimalist Flower White, Lilac, Poppies White, Lilac, Orange, Tulips Blue

Nerida Hansen: Signature Floral all colours, Oversize Floral all colours, Watercolour Checks and Ginghams all colours, New Directions all colours, Organic Blocks all colours, Spotted Monstera, Trellis all colours, 

Tara Reed Mermaid Reef both colours, Lush Leaves, Joyful Floral, Housecats, Butterflies all colours

Customers for this group of designs are in 2 order timelines :

1) Those who ordered in August - according to your order these are clearly extremely late and we will prioritise your order

2) Those who ordered in September/ October - we are delivering up to 2 weeks later than end November 

Linen Cotton and Cotton Lawn are arriving for us to ship and pack around the 13th December.

Mid-Weight Cotton and Tencel Linen are later, we are hoping to ship out before Christmas but it is unlikely you will receive them prior to New Year.

Last Orders: Pascale Dilger, Pascaline Floch, New Jennifer Bouron, Nerida Hansen Ramie, Voile, Sateen, Midweight, Ramie (See below Designs)

It was advertised that these designs would not be likely to be shipped before Christmas, which is now confirmed. It is expected that these orders will arrive after New Year and we will ship out around 10th-15th January.

If there are designs missing from this status update that you are expecting please Fill in your Survey Form HERE and add them in the first open question.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Nerida xx

It will help us enormously if you direct your questions and requests to the Survey, but if that does not suit you please start with an email to info@neridahansen.com , or if you are negatively impacted please email Nerida nerida@neridahansen.com