What is New About Nerida Hansen Sewing Patterns?

Just About Everything!

PDF, Print Copy Or Both?

We are thrilled to say we can offer you an incredible choice - PDF, Print Copy Or Both!

Keep Your Downloads In your Online Account

Create an Account and Log In Before every sewing pattern purchase and your patterns will then save securely to your account. No more looking for your lost Download! Just log back in and there it is!

No More Passwords

Protecting the copyright of Nerida's Patterns is still vital, but we now have encrypted and stamped patterns which means No More Passwords!

Free Pattern Updates

If you purchase your sewing patterns whilst logged in to your account, you will receive notification whenever we have free upgrades or pattern amendments available.

New Value Sets

Where a dress and top have been similar in shape, we have re-graded and combined the options into one low price.

New Curve Sizing

Curve Sizing extends from our size 18 to AU Size 20-32. We have three new items, the Jolie Dress, Remnant Top and Katarina Dress and Skirt Set launching in December 2023. Early 2024 sees a constant flow of new designs for Curve Sizing.