The Final Collections

Nerida Hansen PR Statement Monday 1st April 2024


Nerida Hansen, the visionary creative director behind the globally renowned brand "Nerida Hansen Fabrics," announces the bittersweet decision to close manufacturing operations. After captivating audiences worldwide with her exceptional designs in dress fabrics, Hansen has decided to bid farewell to this chapter of her journey.

Despite carving out a distinguished name for herself in the fashion industry, Hansen faced insurmountable challenges in business and supply chain management, ultimately impacting her mental health. In a courageous move towards self-care and personal rejuvenation, she has chosen to gracefully conclude her fabric business.

As a token of gratitude to her loyal fanbase, both longstanding supporters and newcomers alike, Hansen invites them to partake in a final celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. Throughout April 2024, she will unveil three of her most distinctive collections for pre-order, each a testament to her unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication.

Pre-Orders will be shipped between 6 and 12 weeks from date of order, if not sooner.

With her Sewing Pattern development set to stay, Nerida encourages all of her customers to join in on these dream collections, and select a free PDF Sewing Pattern of choice with any purchase over $50.

This farewell initiative not only honors Hansen's remarkable legacy but also provides enthusiasts with an exclusive opportunity to invest in a piece of her artistic brilliance. Embracing this transition with optimism and gratitude, Hansen looks forward to embarking on new endeavors and rediscovering the joys of life beyond the demands of monumental growth.

For further information and updates on Nerida Hansen's final collections, please visit or follow her on instagram @neridahansenfabrics

Any enquiries can be directed to Nerida by email or by phone on 0417389355 

Please ensure phone calls are within Melbourne Business hours AEST