Colour the World Together!

Verhees Textiles and Nerida Hansen have joined forces to bring joy to the market with the colourful and unique prints of this world-renowned designer. The result is a collaboration that’s turning the textile world upside down, with Verhees Textiles as the exclusive worldwide distributor. A collection that stands out from any other. The colours and prints radiate an irresistible charm from afar. They tell a story, a story that will enchant you instantly. This collection calls out: colour, celebration, and power, all while emphasizing the importance of quality and comfort. 


The Collections

The selection made by Verhees Textiles from Nerida’s designs has been grouped into five different colour families. Each colour group is based on a specific design, serving as the cornerstone for the selection of colours within that group. By doing this, all fabrics within a colour group complement each other perfectly. Just like the colours in the collection, the prints are bold and beautiful. Characteristic of Nerida’s style are the sizes of the prints. In this collection, her distinctive signature is clearly evident. Large gingham, floral, and abstract prints are each offered in various colourways. In addition, there are small and delicate prints included in the collection, which can be beautifully combined with the larger prints. Together, they form our most innovative collection and create a true explosion of colour!  


The Fabrics

This exclusive collection features six different qualities, each of which complements the prints and luxury of the collection. Among these qualities, you will find some familiar ones and two new additions. These are Cotton Satin and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose. Let’s dive deeper into each of them: Cotton Satin Cotton Satin is a luxurious fabric made from 100% cotton and woven using a satin weave technique. This weaving method creates a smooth and shiny surface, giving the fabric a refined luster. We added 34 solid colors to our collection earlier this year. Our collaboration with Nerida provided us with the perfect opportunity to print on this breathtaking quality. Lenzing Ecovero LENZING™ ECOVERO™ sets a new standard for environmentally responsible viscose. The viscose fibers of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ are derived from certified, renewable wood sources in an environmentally responsible production process and adhere to high environmental standards. Due to the smaller ecological footprint left by LENZING™ ECOVERO™, the choice for this more sustainable viscose quality was an easy one to make.

How Wholesale Customers can Order

The Verhees Textile x Nerida Hansen Collaboration is now available to wholesalers, fashion businesses, makers and manufacturers worldwide.

For Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, wholesale can be purchased through Dash Textiles - Contact Katarina by email or visit