The Person


Nerida Hansen is a visionary in the world of fabrics and sewing, renowned for her positive energy, extraordinary creativity, and discerning eye for colour. As a female entrepreneur from Australia, Nerida has drawn on experience as both an artist and buyer to create her textile and sewing pattern empire “Nerida Hansen Fabrics”. Nerida's remarkable talent for creativity has always been the cornerstone of her success. As a teenage art student, Nerida cherished 20th century colourists such as Rothko, Kupka and Matisse. Already in awe of Sonia Delaunay’s innovative translation of colour and form to fashion textiles, a year spent in Copenhagen in 1997 cemented her passion for art on fabric.Whether she is designing herself, or curating collections with other licensed artists, Nerida continues to push the boundaries of original art as a wearable textile. Her design ethos reflects vibrant, living designs with a unique, imaginative flair. Her deep-rooted passion for color in particular, has been a driving force behind her acclaimed work. Every hue and shade she selects carries a story or mood, resulting in clothing and textiles that resonate with a deep, visual harmony.

The Collaborations

Two New Visionary Collaborations Unfold: Prestigious European Textile House Verhees and Arizona-based Sustainable Fashion Leaders BMC. In the heart of The Netherlands, where tradition meets innovation, Verhees stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of textiles. Known for their commitment to quality and artistic flair, they have been crafting fabrics that inspire for generations. And now, their path has intersected with the trailblazing spirit of Nerida Hansen, a visionary fabric designer who has spent six remarkable years building her own legacy. The Verhees Collaboration: It all began with a shared passion for textile artistry. After meeting at a Textile trade fair some years back, Verhees, a renowned name with a storied history, recognized Nerida Hansen's unique talent and boundless creativity. Their paths converged, leading to a collaboration that promises to redefine the landscape of wholesale fabric design. Together, they have created a wholesale collection that transcends boundaries and is guaranteed to captivate the global market, and together are now reaching out to fabric retailers, fashion businesses, manufacturers and makers worldwide. Sustainable Fashion Leaders BMC: As if the Verhees collaboration weren't exciting enough, Nerida Hansen has also embarked on a journey across the ocean to the desert landscapes of Arizona, where a new partnership is blossoming. Sustainable Fashion Leaders BMC, based in the vibrant heart of Arizona's fashion scene, shares Nerida's commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion. This partnership extends the boundaries of her creative vision. Sustainable Fashion Leaders BMC will take Nerida's exquisite designs and print them on a range of different substrates, on demand. It's a revolutionary step toward sustainable fashion, reducing waste and ensuring that every piece of fabric serves a purpose. It is an experimental ground, where Nerida’s collaborative approach to artwork for textiles will know no boundaries, and her growing suite of gorgeous sewing patterns can be tested across a range of Sustainable Fashion initiatives.


The Sewing Patterns

Creativity, Inspiration, Inclusivity Nerida Hansen Sewing Patterns have been a beacon of creativity and style since 2019, but with her new collaborators in fabric manufacturing, Nerida is taking her sewing pattern business to a whole new level. Nerida Hansen's latest designs are a celebration of the modern maker, the creative soul and mindful global citizen. Nerida is on a mission with sustainability at its heart. She envisions her sewing patterns as a gateway to inspire and educate a growing community about the joy and advantages of sewing and supporting local garment production. With an impressive line-up of over 12 new patterns in development, Nerida is dedicated to creating inclusive designs that welcome individuals of all skill levels and celebrate the diversity of gender, age, size, and race.