Myriam Van Neste Pollen Navy Last Launch Pre-Order

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This fabric is produced using a drop-ship model.

This means we do not have it in stock. We produce it after you order it.

This enables use to offer special deals on the pricing, and give un-precedented choice in both design and fabric base.

Whilst we will endeavour to get your fabric to you as soon as we possibly can, the recent backlogs are still taking effect, and there is a 6-10 week waiting period.

Embrace sustainability without compromising on quality. With on-demand printing it might take awhile to get your fabrics, but we produce only what's needed which minimises waste and therefore reduces our environmental footprint.

Digital Precision:Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology ensures every hue, detail, and nuance of your design is faithfully reproduced on the fabric, resulting in stunningly vivid and high-resolution prints. 

This fabric price is for 50cm so for:

For 1 Metre order = 2 units
For 1.5 Metre order = 3 units
For 2 Metres order = 4 units
For 2.5 Metres order = 5 units etc

Fabric Print Colour and Vibrancy:
Please note that whilst we endeavour to show the fabric online in its truest form, the fabric colours and vibrancy may vary from the digital image presented here. Please also consider the nature of the fabric you have selected and how this pattern will respond. You can find out more about our fabrics HERE.


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