Nerida, Planet & People

Nerida Hansen's vision extends far beyond the present. She envisions a future where her fabrics continue to inspire creativity, innovation, and sustainability. With a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, she is exploring ways to make her production processes even more eco-friendly, seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of her designs.


In this future, Nerida also sees her fabrics adorning not only clothing and home decor but also serving as a medium for art and self-expression. She envisions collaborations with emerging artists, designers, and crafters who will push the boundaries of what can be achieved with textiles.


Nerida Hansen's journey is an ongoing story of passion, creativity, and a dedication to leaving a positive mark on the world of fabric design. As she continues to weave her dreams into reality, she invites you to join her on this remarkable journey into the world of colors, patterns, and endless possibilities.




Using other clothes to make new garments, often referred to as upcycling or recycling in the fashion industry, offers several sustainability and design benefits:


As a textile manufacturer, it is very important to me to recognise the role I play in this industry, and so it is my mission to incorporate sustainable measures across 100% of my business.


Sustainability in the fashion and textiles industry requires a significant reduction in the use of raw materials and manufacturing in the first place with the subsequent reduction in transportation, fossil-fuelled energy consumption and textile waste generating natural benefits.

I ask myself, as a textile designer and manufacturer what right do I have in generating more unnecessary waste? The answer is clearly none. 


The reason I do continue, is because our planet and people deserve better, and we can never expect humankind not to dress, or need beautiful, solid long-lasting garments to accommodate temperature, movement, and style in a functional way. It is my view, that our world is better off having responsible manufacturers who are wholeheartedly connected to their supply chains. Instead of the mass-destruction of the earth through pesticides and over-irrigation, we need manufacturers who focus on replenishable and regenerative sources, local and on-demand manufacturing and encouraging local micro-economies to become the new shopping malls. Sewing is at the very heart of this.


I have been very fortunate to resonate with sewers worldwide through the growth of Nerida Hansen Fabrics, and with 2 new supply chains that are eliminating the need for me to manufacture my own fabrics, I am focussing on developing my love of sewing pattern production. Sewing Patterns are the key to teaching the world about how fashion can be a positive force, and I see myself now as a Corporal in the army in the fight against fast fashion. I am willing to learn and earn my stripes, and hope to someday become a Sergeant, perhaps even one day Commander in this fight. 


The Remnant Twin Set

As the fashion and textiles manufacturing industry continues to stamp its damaging footprint on the planet, the trend of upcycling is indeed already becoming more and more practiced.

While upcycling is generally considered a sustainable and eco-friendly practice, it still faces certain challenges and misconceptions that can deter people from engaging in it. There are reputation-related factors such as an association with “homemade” or “unprofessional” aesthetics, a fear of not achieving the desired results, and a lack of inspiration or vision that upcycling can achieve. 


There are also practical barriers such as limited availability of suitable fabrics to create an entire new garment, the time, effort and equipment required, inability to access sewing machines or suitable patterns.


Hence, my latest project is the “Remnant Top”


"The Remnant Top" is a stylish and eco-friendly blouse sewing pattern designed to make the most of fabric remnants and scraps, effectively reducing textile waste. This versatile blouse can easily incorporate multiple fabric types and prints to create a unique and eye-catching design. It embodies sustainability, creativity, and individuality. It empowers people to transform scraps into a stunning and personalized blouse, demonstrating that fashion can be both environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing. The pattern encourages a shift toward more responsible and mindful consumption in the world.

There is so much more to tell..


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