Sustainable & Ethical Policy

It is no surprise that we are passionate and committed to supporting and nurturing local, independent artists and talent. We also value our positive, respectful and driven team members. Together we have made a commitment to be more transparent with our business operations, minimise our waste, embrace and integrate more sustainable practices, continue to make ethical choices and lessen our harm of the planet.

We strive to make thoughtful and informed decisions about every facet of our business operations. With a supply chain that is vulnerable to exploitation, and a planet that relies on producers to consider its limitations. Our actions towards a sustainable and ethical future need to be dynamic.

Nerida Hansen and its connections with people and planet are extremely varied. We continue to monitor and strive to improve our model in the following areas:

  • Where and how our raw materials are sources
  • Where and how our materials are milled and manufactured
  • Our printing processes domestically and internationally
  • Packaging of our products
  • Our own warehouse and studio operations including the recyclable and compostable nature of hardware, packaging, office supplies and supporting practices
  • The operations of our local supply partners
  • Artists we license and support
  • Employment conditions of our own staff and staff of our supply partners


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) sets the standard for textiles made from organic fibres. GOTS certified products adhere to strict environmental and social criteria and must contain 70 per cent organic fibres. The GOTS quality assurance system is from field to fashion and based on on-site inspection and certification of the entire textile supply chain (processing and trade).

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX is a third party textile certification that tests textile components for harmful substances, and ultimately ensures that these textiles and components are completely safe for human use. The strict statutory requirements are applied to both our local and international printers including printing hardware print consumables and practices.

In the case where we are not able to source GOTS certified cotton, we ensure our cotton has been mindfully grown and exported by only accepting Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified cotton. BCI works towards making cotton a sustainable mainstream commodity and improving the environmental and social impacts brought about by cotton production.

The Fairtrade certification advocates for the protection of the rights of farming and workers communities all around the world. If a product carries the Fairtrade branding then they are supporting the rights and the livelihood of these workers; workers who, with the material or item they are producing, are meeting social, economic and environmental standards agreed upon internationally.

It is important to note that the origin of our cotton supplied from China has been sourced from Shandong and Henan Provinces, who adopt an eight hour labour system with a higher-than stipulated salary level and against child labour.

Also, there is no discrimination at Nerida Hansen in hiring, promoting, collaborating, licensing or terminating based on race, caste, religion, origin, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or political affiliation.


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organisation that works with a global environmental, social and economic network to set standards for what defines a responsibly managed forest. Products certified by the FSC have proven their processes are appropriate through every aspect of the supply chain.

We use cellulose fabrics made from Lenzing fibres, which originated from FSC forestation. We only use mills that accredited by Lenzing.

As well as our fabrics, we ensure our sewing patterns are printed on FSC sourced papers.

We no longer offer a bag with every purchase in store, but there are brown bags if needed. Our postage bags are 100% compostable. If they end up in landfill, they will break down with zero waste.  

All of our marketing material is printed on 100% recycled paper and we keep printing to a minimum.

Moving forward Nerida Hansen will continue to collaborate with like-minded designers, makers and companies who are conscious about our environment, making sustainable choices and operate under fair work conditions. We will celebrate the people that make our brand what it is.

We are also committed to working with our suppliers to identify production processes that reduce impact on the environment. We want our supply chain to support its employees and create rewarding jobs.

As always, we will support creativity and believe in respect for everyone.

In June 2021, we donated $385 from our fundraising day to the Sikh Volunteers Australia, @sikhvolunteers, a not-for-profit organisation who work tirelessly to provide warm, nutritional meals to disadvantaged people in Melbourne and beyond.

We are also proud to announce that in 2020 we raised $10,000 from our bushfire fundraising campaign that was donated to Red Cross Australia, RSPCA Victoria and Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

At the core of Nerida Hansen Fabrics is a desire to help independent artists to grow and develop their disciplines. 

Nerida prides herself on her contribution to building lively artistic communities. She achieves this through representation of artists as an agent, as well as licensee of designs through Nerida Hansen Fabrics.

The growth of the maker economy both locally and globally is strongly supported through Nerida's fabric business by providing high quality textiles, who's purchases provide income in the form of royalties to the designers. 

We will continue to strive to ensure that sustainable and ethical practices are a priority with our business and our partners, suppliers and artists and to expand our organic range.