Print Ready for Fabric and Textile Products

Successful fabric designers or sellers who want to print their own fabrics require a well-rounded curriculum covering a wide range of needs in business and logistics.

This General Workshop is designed for creatives who would like to produce and sell fabric by the meter, to ensure they have a good understanding of areas such as print processes, production, quality,  fulfilment and logistics supply.

For anyone wanting to onboard Nerida's DIY Print-On-Demand Service this workshop is compulsory as you need to appreciate and understand the basic principles and processes of running a manufacturing or on-demand business. Even if you have extensive experience, this course will close any gaps in the processes that may be unique to Nerida's Vendors.

Allow 1.5-2 Hours for this live presentation and there will be opportunity to ask questions and provide answers throughout the session. All registered participants may watch the session on recording if required.

The topics include but are not exclusive to:

Introduction to Fabric Printing:

  • Commercial Print Methods
  • Basics in Fabric Printing Terminology
  • Market Trends and Opportunities


  • Fabric Construction Basics
  • Substrates and Applicable Uses
  • Substrates and Colour Vibrancy 
  • Setting Customer Expectations

 Business Models

  • Small Batch
  • On-Demand
  • Margins and Profit Expectations 

Preparing your designs

  • Providing print ready artwork
  • Managing SKU numbers and Google Sheets
  • Colour 
  • Sampling
  • Packaging for POD

Your Website

  • E-commerce Platforms and Integration
  • Preparing your website for on-Demand sales


  • Marketing Inventory vs Print on Demand Product
  • Facebook and Google Ads - A New opportunity with POD
  • Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
  • Launching collections with POD
  • Fulfilment & Logistics
  • From order to delivery - The product flow
  • QA and product quality
  • API's
  • Know what you need
  • Fulfillment and Write-back

Intellectual Property:

  • Trademarks and copyrights
  • Protecting your designs


  • Transparency
  • Certifications
  • Closed-Loop 

Nerida's DIY Print on Demand

  • The System explained
  • How to Onboard
  • Managing Quality and Vendor Communication

Duration: 2 Hours

Format : Online Group Presentation

Participants can remain Anonymous

Questions are allowed through the chat at anytime

Recording will be made available.

How To Sign up: Purchase your Place HERE and you will receive a download with a link to our Survey. Once the Survey Closes you will be invited to times that suit you selected time zone.