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Amongst all the noise of the past few years, a world where sustainability is paramount, is always a key driving force for Nerida.
The sewing world is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation.

BMC is a world-class on-demand fashion manufacturing facility in Phoenix Arizona, and alongside Nerida's creative force, together they are trailblazing leaders in sustainable sewing.

Together, they are set to empower creators, seamstresses, and artisans with a sustainable and uniquely creative approach that changes the way we think about fabrics.
They both share an unshakeable commitment to sustainability.  With print-on-demand technology, there is no excess inventory, no waste—only beautiful fabrics made to order.

Print-on-demand means limiting carbon footprint by making sure nothing gets shipped until you have designed that beautiful, long-wearing garment. But to add to that, we also want to ensure every fabric we offer comes from sustainable, regenerative or replenishable sources.

Create. Connect. Make your mark. The sewing world has never been so exciting.