Restrictions on Commercial use of May Gibbs Fabric

We are so excited to see what our makers and small business operators do with May Gibbs Fabrics, but it is important for everyone to know that as part of our license agreement with the Trustees of May Gibbs Offical, we need to ensure we apply a restriction on the commercial use of our fabrics.

Any makers or small businesses using our fabrics for the purpose of making products for sale, are welcome to do so, but with a limit of 45 metres per fabric  design every 3 months.

With 7 variations, and more to come in the months ahead we believe this still provides a wonderful opportunity for makers to enjoy this beautiful product.

Shipping of Pre-Orders

Pre-Orders can take up to 4 weeks for delivery. It is important for our customers to know that at times, we can experience manufacturing or delivery delays that are out of our control, and can cause further delays. We ask that all customers consider the uncertainties of pre-order delivery times before placing their orders.