Exciting New Pattern Updates

Introducing Pattern Upgrades: Elevating Your Sewing Experience**We're thrilled to introduce our latest sewing pattern upgrades, where we're taking your tried and true favorites to the next level. Our commitment to you goes beyond just sewing – it's about enhancing your creativity and style. We're adding more fabric and sewing possibilities, modernizing fashion elements, and bringing you an elevated sewing experience like never before. Get ready to sew with renewed excitement and creativity! 🪡✨


Gertrude Top and Dress 

Great Value Combination of Two Staples into one

The Half Sleeve Dress and Top have now been combined into one, providing sewers with amazing value on these two favorite staples.


Lotte Pant and Culotte

A Long Pant or Culotte - Perfect Bottom Pair!

Culottes are a fabulous garment, but BOY does Nerida LOVE the same pattern in a long length. Team this with some bright fabrics and your outfit suddenly becomes a showstopper!
Long Length will now be the mainstay, with the Culotte length marked for you to give you loads of choice.


Soiree Blouse and Pleat Sleeve Combo

Available from Dec 1

Nerida's most worn top now becomes even better value, with the Pleat sleeve add-on becoming part of the Soiree Sleeve Pattern.


Minimal Dress and Top Set

Formerly The Everyday Dress and Top Set

If you think the Everyday Top and Dress could not change, then get ready for the revival of our simplest sewing pattern.
The dress has grown to a 7/8th length with a knee or thigh split. To modernise it even more a simple wide sleeve will be added to the current style.
We have also improved the pattern around the sleeve opening so it has an improved fit around the shoulders. 


Katarina Dress and Skirt

Release December 2023

The Maxi Dress and Skirt is not only now combined, we have added a shirring option to the garment. 
We have tested various lengths of fabrics to suit all body shapes and sizes, and now offer waist or bodice lengths from Child size 2 to Women's size 32. This will be a super summer staple!


Market Dress

Release Feb/March 2024

This gorgeous dress with simple in-set sleeve and gathered waist is being taken to the next level.
Early 2024 will see a choice of a new soft, loose sleeve, or a balloon sleeve in two lengths. The skirt length is also coming right down, adding a totally new look for this fresh dress.


Jardine Dress 

Formerly our Shift Dress

The Shift dress always lends itself to a bit of office glamour, so early 2024 will see the shift become so, with gorgeous wide ribbon tie updates on a new sleeve or as a colour feature. 
The basic staple is so easy to sew, but we are taking the sophisitication to another level!


Sun Hat

Launching December 2023

This fave hat has now become even more family friendly with 2 new sizes at either side of the spectrum - Baby/Toddler XXS and Large Adult XXL.


Flo Skirt

Launching December 2023

This classic elastic-waisted skirt is as stylish as it is comfortable, but we have just taken it up another level by adding length.